Maxon Pump is a company headquartered in Indonesia with an extensively growing presence in the ASEAN region. Maxon has over 25 years of manufacturing experience accumulated through its R&D team located in Turin, Italy led by our acclaimed engineer, Dr. Eng La Porta Paolo. Although we could say Maxon is a relatively young company, our unprecedented growth has allowed us to realistically aim in bringing Maxon past the ASEAN market and into the global market through our manufacturing partners located in Italy, India, Indonesia, China and Taiwan.

In short, despite being a young company, Maxon currently produces over 200 types of quality pumps utilising Italian technology and have continuously expanded our selection of products to suit various needs. We currently have offices and partners throughout Southeast Asia, China, Australia and Italy. In Indonesia, our sales office can be found in the heart of Jakarta within the prominent SCBD district. Our most recent addition is our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located further west in the developing industrial area in Tangerang, which has recently been appointed as our headquarters.

Currently, our Tangerang plant is certified by ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and SNI 04.6292.2.41-2003

With experienced engineers hailing from Italy and China, Maxon is constantly working around the clock to innovate new designs for our pumps that will deliver unmatched performance. After all, the satisfaction of our clients is our greatest motivator; hence, we will always strive to improve ourselves with prompt response, on-time deliveries, reasonable prices, and ensuring our pumps are always up to Maxons high standards.

Our companys pursuit of excellence in the manufacturing and machining process of achieving our maxim, quality, responsibility, and efficiency extends to our company’s belief in promoting corporate social responsibility. With recent turmoil in the community due to genkui07.icu-19, Maxon has become involved in philanthropic missions to care for its community by providing essential goods such as hygiene and food products to those in need.

Factory equipment

The Maxon plants contain two testing rooms for testing our surface and submersible pumps and motors. The various available configurations currently let us test products with the following characteristics: Maximum flow rate 4500 m3/hMaximum power 1500 kWMaximum pressure 100 barMaximum supply voltage Low-voltage: 1000 V – High-voltage: 11 kVFrequency 50 / 60 Hz POSSIBLE TESTS PerformanceHyd...

Company Philosophy

PT Maxon Prime Technology adapted Six Sigma its company culture which We believe in 5 steps process for continuous learning and improving to match our customer needs and be better in the process o Define - address customer needs in relation to a product or serviceo Measure - involve the use of electronic data collection to measure customer needs, response to product, or review of serviceso Analy...